Sea Spirit

When you walk by the sea you have this pristine feeling that all is well in the world. With its waves ebbing and flowing the sea offers an amazing contour of a beautiful landscape. The sunset makes for a perfect compliment. I see the sea as an unending process of cleansing.

Tears started rolling down my face and the only thought that comforted me was let your tears become one with the sea. That made me feel a lot better. When you have a heartache whisper it to the sea and it will wash it away. This is how powerful the sea is.

Being by the sea and looking at the sunset lifted my spirits up and made me stronger as I’ve never been before.

”The sea holds many secrets but it will reveal none until you dive deep into it” – K.P.

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Writing Spell

An amazing thought just came to me. What if we as writers can actually contribute to the greater good? Is it possible to change our life just by writing about it? Can we rewrite our own present and future?

Is writing kind of a spell you put on yourself? Writing has the power to change life stories and more. This is what inspires us to write and inspire through it. The catch is that it goes beyond mere writing and you just start transforming yourself. When that happens it means that you’ve stepped into a writing gold mine where you can express your talent and put together words and sentences that have to power to move you into a positive direction. If you can change your own attitude by writing about it even if only for a moment then you have truly set an intention that would dissolve any kind of pretension.

As a writing spell, I can honestly and wholeheartedly give my best and write only about solutions and spiritual inspirations. That’s the thing about writing. It can be a story and yet have a profound effect on you.

Writing is somewhat the creator of gifts and sort of a revelation that just keeps on flowing and transforming.

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When You Start Having Fun With Life

We all want to let ourselves off the hook and live a pleasant, peaceful and yet fun-filled life. The beauty of life is that you go through so much that eventually you get tired and open up. The tiredness leads to liberation simply due to the fact that you get tired of feeling tired and you just naturally blossom. Life experiences are only meant to get you to a path that would feel less lonely, obscure and fuzzy.

Speaking from my own array of experiences I can say I’ve gotten pretty far and I’ve come a long way. Perhaps, my life has not changed drastically but it has sure changed me from the inside. The best thing that happens to you is that you shift from being on a path to actually living your path. It gets even more interesting that’s for sure.

A peaceful sea. A witty sea. A sea full of whimsical and creative stories that you just want to share with everyone around you. When you allow joy to become your lifestyle instead of a feeling you chase that’s when the real story begins.

You let your gifts transform you for the better. Something that you thought was a curse has suddenly become a talent and a joy.

It’s like going on vacation and you discover that trip to be the most beautiful adventure yet.


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Floating Wish-Fish

Two fish were floating around in a bowl. There were just swimming without a care or worry in the world. They were two different fish and yet felt as one. However, one of them had special powers. She was the special wish-fish. The wish-fish ironically could not fulfill wishes but she could only provide practical solutions to practical questions. Naturally, one day their owner took an interest in the special wish-fish and decided to try his luck. Well, guess who got lucky that moment. The question that the owner asked was: Will everything turn out okay in my life? The surprising answer came in a surprising way. The wish-fish would rearrange the little pebbles in an orderly fashion that made them look like she spelled:

Trust and it shall be granted to you! 

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Play The Real Game Of Life

As I am sitting here with my family I can notice ever so subtly how my family is preoccupied with the little games of life. They talk about people, events and who said what. It almost felt surreal when I realized that all of what I’ve seen is part of a big play. Our senses tell us what’s real. Being here with my family I no longer played the role that I’ve played for years. For a split second, it felt like I am the director and my family are actors. The director can say cut in a movie but in real life things are different. I cannot say cut to my family but I can realize when it’s time to be yourself. There’s nothing wrong with playing a role. It’s fun sometimes to just keep on playing. However, it’s more important to incorporate that play into real life.

”When you start playing the ”real game” of life the roles get even more interesting” – K.P.

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Here’s the Key How to Find the Right ONE

What if we found the right keyhole and the right key? Things are quite simple. If we want to open a drawer that is locked, we must first find the right key. Instead of finding the right key we try a bunch of different keys that just won’t fit. We pull the drawer rather annoyed, thinking that it’ll open by itself. We can even break the drawer just to open it immediately.

Mind over matter or is it vice versa? Is it possible that the drawer has locked itself on purpose or have we locked it? Whatever the answer, there is only one solution. We have to find the right key. How do we do that? By observing, by looking attentively and by being still. Patience leads to the right one and we must be willing to look for it attentively. It may be so close yet if we’re unaware we cannot see it.

What’s the point of looking if we are not here to enjoy it? The drawer may be locked forever or may open quite easily. It is our choice.

The right key is to be found within the premises of our soul. We already got it, we don’t need to push, pull and grab until we open it. It’s here, the key is here.

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It Takes Only a Moment To Rediscover Love

Edna was a woman in her 60s who lived in the countryside. She lived alone, as her husband died many years ago, and her family moved to town. As she was sitting in her little kitchen drinking her hibiscus tea, there came those yearnings and sighs that usually come in a time of feeling completely lonely.

‘’Oh life becomes so dull when you get older’’ she thought. ‘’What am I to do in this God forsaken place all by myself?’’ Mind you, she loved gardening and taking walks in nature, but when her husband died and her family left, she just stopped and sort of felt into a spiral of despair.

Edna started recalling all those sweet times she spent with her family, as they had so much fun together and all felt great joie de vivre. ‘’If I could feel that love and joy again, I would give anything’’ she sighed.

When people are left with nothing to look forward to, their only consolation is to look backwards. All of a sudden, Bono ( whom I forgot to mention) ran rather happily into the kitchen and jumped onto Edna’s lap. Bono was their family pet, a husky. It gave her a bit of a fright, because she was not expecting him you know, as she wasn’t fully present in the moment. Her hands caressing that soft fur tended to soothe her. ‘’Bono, we’re all alone, who’s gonna love us now ha buddy?’’ she whispered to the dog. At that moment, Bono put his paw rather spontaneously onto Edna’s heart and looked her straight in the eyes. This visual encounter lasted for about 2 minutes, which left Edna to realizing something. The one who demanded love from someone else, the one who yearned for love is right here.

‘’Oh God, thanks for pointing me to the right direction’’ she concluded. It took only a paw to show her where her love has always resided. In her heart. Since I’m still alive she realized I’m still the source of my own loving attention.Edna burst into tears, hugged Bono tightly and said I LOVE YOU!

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