Valuable Lessons

New poem on my website Love Every Word of it. If you feel inspired you can check out my Instagram or follow me at: loveeverywordofit where I post poems, quotes and everything that comes from the heart.

As I go along
I check and see,
what is really
important for me;
Valuable lessons are then learned,
when we feel what is true for us
we simplify our daily life thus;
The noise we hear may bother,
although we choose the good rather,
realizing how to stay centered
we find the calm without needing
to be pretended.

Sometimes the inspiration behind my poems is drawn from daily life and how we perceive it and what we choose to focus on. We then start learning valuable lessons as the title says.

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Have Happiness as a Daily Experience

This poem came to me after not writing for a few months. If you follow my blog and perhaps feel inspired by it then you should check out my website where I do most of my writing now. I’ve mentioned this previously but I have to reiterate that this blog was my starting point five years ago as a writer and I will always cherish it.

Here’s a an excerpt:

I begin my poem thus – there is no an incorrect experience
since every experience is true for you;
When you start studying your own experience
meticulously, you analyze it almost to perfection,
you may try to always do your best, but that may
not show your stronger side and
yet you find order in words,
seemingly complementing each other beautifully.

If you want to read the whole poem visit my website: Love Every Word of it


New poem on my website Love Every Word of it called Faith. Here’s an excerpt:

Faith is what awakens us,
it gives us a hand when
we need it the most,
it guides us through
what we feel, see and hear
it comforts us in times like these.
Faith in its essence gives us strength,
to move forward with courage
and confidence; it is as reliable
as the sun arising on the horizon
each morning to bring us a brighter day

-Katerina Petrovska

I write inspiring, insightful and uplifting poems and more on my website Love Every Word of it. This blog PoeticFlower was created a couple of years ago as my starting point where I was able to write and explore my talents even further.
Thank you for following and reading my content.

Lead From the Heart

We must do as we will,
see as we feel,
love as we can,
go where we want.
Let this be our guiding point
towards a more abundant
and fulfilling path,
thus creating a better time,
a better moment.
To lead from the heart
is something we could
hope for and aspire to.
What makes us true is
what makes us be
who we really are
in our essence

-Katerina Petrovska

For more inspiration and upliftment check out my website Love Every Word of it where I write insights, poems, short stories and more.

You can visit or follow my Instagram profile if you feel inspired.

When You See Differently

After not writing for two months or so I’ve now written a long insight on how being different can really be unique. You can read it whole on my website Love Every Word of it. Here’s an excerpt:

When a poem is formed by itself without pushing rhymes into it, then it can flow naturally and be different.
When every line and verse are written with ease and love, then it transforms into something different.
When you want to be different you start doing things differently.
When you embrace your path to be different you walk on with a smile on your face knowing that it is the right path for you.
When people suddenly act differently, you see it as an opportunity to grow and change for the better.
When having faith is the only different choice you want to make, then you choose what’s good and true for you.
When someone says or does something unexpectedly different, yet unpleasant, you turn towards yourself and become your own true friend.

Speak From the Heart

We could speak more from the heart
and we don’t have to play a part
as long as we are honest and truthful,
authenticity is what proves to be fruitful.

Crafting each word with love and care,
where you put thought in everything you share,
it’s really not about perfection
when all you truly want is affection.

When you use words like making a drawing
you pour your creativity with a sense of loving,
thus having faith it will turn alright,
when you inspire and uplift is what makes it right.

You can find more uplifting and intuitive poems on my website Love Every Word of it where I create content that hopefully inspires, enlightens and much more.


The Emerging Sunrise

I haven’t posted here in a while and I love coming back to this blog where I first started expanding my writing creativity.

I gift you with this poem which is up on my website Love Every Word of it.  Here’s an excerpt:

She stayed up all night
for such a glorious sight
to watch the emerging
of the beautiful sunrise
and feel a new hope arise.

It was quiet that morning,
only a bark of a dog was heard,
the sounds of nature were adorning
such a spectacle inspired a new word.

You can follow me on Instagram if you feel inspired to do so at: loveeverywordofit


Intuitive Writer

This poem I think reveals who I am as an intuitive writer. I have it on my website Love Every Word of it.

However, I would love to share it here as well, since this is the blog where I first started writing and in a way explored my talent even further.

I am an intuitive writer who writes from the heart,
my poems and stories are here to be read from the start;
they may tell how I feel or what inspires me best,
each is unique, wonderful and amazing as all the rest.

What I write is infused with such feeling,
it is something that needs a little healing,
for to explore that kind of talent I have to trust,
life and myself as well, and that is an all-time must.

Through writing, I think I’m growing
as a person and a human being who’s showing
what it means to feel confident and kind,
it only takes a moment or a verse
to embrace what you may find.

You can find more uplifting poems on my website. If you feel interested in my writing or inspired you can follow me on social media too: loveeverywordofit

Thank you kindly.


These are a few of the excerpts from the poems I’ve written on my website Love Every Word of it. 

I write from the heart, intuitively and I would love to share some with you. Here’s one:

Answers are what we’re looking for,
perhaps, our curiosity opens the door
to amazing and new possibilities,
where you blossom within your abilities.

You can find the whole poem at Answers

A New Year

You can find more inspiring and uplifting poems like these at my website: Love Every Word of it. 

A new year is here,
time for joy my dear;
Perhaps, you’ll make
a resolution, but that
may not be a great solution,
try to focus on your dreams,
trusting in them would
inspire fulfillment, it seems;
Make a vision for your plans,
this moment is now
so take a chance,
follow your inner voice,
let it guide you to the right
and a more loving choice.