Wonder of Life

A new day, a brand new poem.

Yet another excerpt from a poem called Wonder of Life followed by an audio version as well.

Perhaps, the wonder of life
brings about a brand new light,
where you may see everything
as a blessing, thus creating
an opportunity to succeed in making
a wonderful art form that feels
like something very exciting… Continue reading “Wonder of Life”

Rhyming Inspiration

I love how poetry has the ability to connect us to ourselves and awaken our senses. I’ve been writing a lot of poems on my website Love Every Word of it and in a way I discovered yet another gift. It’s wonderful how writing can be so unique and colorful.

Here’s an excerpt of Rhyming Inspiration followed by an audio version:

Motivation is our daily inspiration.
We always need something encouraging
to move us forward and stop us from discouraging.
Our inner compass is always right on time
here, I will prove it by uplifting you with this rhyme…



Today. My birthday. 24th of April. What a fine date. Birthdays have this magical yet ethereal effect. You are not only celebrating the day you were born but you get a chance to celebrate your life. The essence of you. I see birthdays as an opportunity to say to yourself the most loving words in existence and in the process honoring the person you’ve become. A birthday is a great day of celebrating the unique expression of you as a human being. What could be more important than that? Sometimes birthdays are seen as burdensome or unnecessary although the essence of you is what wants you to celebrate it. I cannot help but say that I feel grateful. I feel blessed. I feel inspired and in awe. I don’t see my birthday as a day of getting older but rather the opposite. The soul does not count numbers it only celebrates and rejoices in you with every single breath.

Firstly, it is you who expands your heart to yourself and that’s something that does not depend on others. I am who I am. A beautiful and authentic expression of life. Here’s to a beloved birthday Kate. 

A Flowery Blessing

A flower said to another:

Please whisper a blessing, will you? 

The sweet spring breeze started blowing ever so gently and it sort of introduced a breathful hopeful message. The flower felt content.

Then the sun came shining through and caressed the flower’s petals ever so softly. The flower felt inspired.

A passer-by leaned over to the flower and took a deep and fragrant breath. The flower felt worthy and seen.

The next day rain began to fall and it washed away anything that the flower didn’t need anymore. The flower felt purified and clear.

A blessing did come in many different forms but it was always there. Without a fault.



Springtime Cleaning

Springtime is the perfect time for cleaning and cleansing. This time brings about the blossom of flowers and the awakening of nature. So it was for Kate. She got up this spring morning feeling like she needed to declutter her space objects and people wise. Out with the old and in with the new. Kate’s cleaning process was imagined as a two- storey house where the first storey  was fully furnished with lots of stuff added to it whereas the second one was an empty space. The staircase was the balance that held both storeys. She didn’t move certain objects from the first one to the second but she was thankful she was given an additional space where she can create new memories and experiences. She then removed what needed to be removed from the first storey and then started climbing the stairs. It was important for her that she was going up and that’s what made made her cleaning process turn into a successful new progress. That’s why the staircase is the balancing point that helps you work on both floors. Decluttering and creating. In Kate’s eyes that was the real law of attraction.


When you have no inspiration for writing perhaps it would be better not to write that day. I always feel guided by that notion. However, this blog is something that has given me so much writing wise. It has not only served as a creative outlet but as an unraveling of one’s soulful talent. When I started this blog I never dreamed that it could reach an amazing readership. That wasn’t my main goal when I first created this blog. I just wrote because I loved doing it but most of all because it drew a deeper honesty from inside of me. All of my emotions and thoughts were honestly conveyed through writing. I didn’t receive feedback until much later. For the greatness to emerge it takes time. Now I can express my gratitude to all of the amazing, talented and awesome people who follow my blog and like my posts. We all deserve praise and recognition. So thank you very much indeed!

What follows is a new creative project that’s already in the works.

Until then stay tuned. 🙂

A Tale of Faith

Remember in fairy tales how everything seemed to have a happy ending. Remember how the plot evolved so the characters had to go through some impediment in order to get to that happy ending. What fairy tales share in common is a mutual sense of hope and faith. A prince’s kiss does the trick and it brings happiness beyond bliss. In reality sometimes we want to believe that life can be a fairy tale. It can be in some form. Fiction is fiction. Reality is reality. If we can learn anything from fairy tales is that we all have dreams, desires and visions about how we want our life to be and that is what the characters have too. We all want that feeling of belonging.

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