During one auspicious day, an interesting conversation came up between two very different generations. A grandmother and her grandchild. Notably, the age gap between them was huge and yet they shared a common bond. The grandchild looked at his older parent in a manner of speaking with awe and respect. She loved her grandmother because she represented an extension of her own mother. She loved her because she symbolized wisdom and a wide-range of life experiences. When the grandmother sat to talk with her grandchild there was no chastising or patronizing.

– You know my dear every once in a blue moon you’ll remember your darling grandma not so much for her appearance but for her wit. Perhaps, in your case, you won’t remember much of it but what I represent to you will be translated into your own energy in a way that feels authentic to you. It’s much more important that the lesson you learn from your grandmother become a beautiful translation of depth and longevity. That would be my legacy to you. It’s not a matter of you my child to become a mirror of me but to follow your own heart and do the things that feel most true to you.

This is the real wisdom that the grandchild took from her grandmother. As she grew up she became so in tune with her own power and intuition that any kind of valuable gems passed on from one generation to another became completely adjusted as unique, individual and divine self-expression.

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Heart to Heart

Two hearts find themselves in a cosmic playground. They have a jolly time together playing and talking until – I just have too many doubts, I just don’t know what to do says worriedly one heart. There are many opportunities out there but it’s hard for me to choose. Hey, dear friend, I get you. Sometimes when I feel like that I usually put on a really inspiring song you know one that really moves me and I take a leap of faith answered the second heart rather confidently. But I find a song rather distracting in a moment of distress. No song is going to help me. What I need is guidance and reassurance continued the first one. In that case, do the things that feel reassuring and guide-like to you. There you’ll find the right answer pointed out the second one.   Oh my goodness, I got it now. The only thing that’s best for me is to write. To keep on writing regardless of whether feedback will ensue or not. I’m glad we had this heart to heart said the first heart now quite relieved.

Well, that’s not all folks. The first heart wrote and the second one danced to its words as they made a beautiful synchronicity together.

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Sunny All the Way

The Sun woke up with a sleepy glow today. His cloudy friends came in a jiffy. ”Rise and shine,” they said to the Sun. Little did they know that shine is what the Sun is all about. ”Don’t you guys start raining on my shining parade” said the Sun with a yawn. ”No matter how much I would prefer to sleep perchance to dream, there’s never an off day for me. I always shine no matter what.” Well, when you’re in such a poetic mood today we’ll clear along but we promise to come back tomorrow again. The skies welcome everyone really. Next time you want your beauty sleep we’ll just have a good cry and we’ll all feel much better.”

In respect to the clouds’ heartfelt proposition, the Sun felt compelled to shake hands on it. So as you can imagine that day saw the warmest handshake anyone has ever seen.

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A Haiku Sunday

I brushed my teeth

on a perfect winter day.

Squeaky clean!


Green flowery slippers

chased by a brown terrier.

Burp, in my face.


The winter of discontent

brings a clear remedy:

Pure love.

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Feel the chilliness. Steam comes out from the mouth. Please don’t pout dear. The little terrier is in the backyard. Elegantly sniffing the autumn leftovers. Sparrows were the first ones to pick up bread crumbs along as well. Prepare for a watchful position. That’s primarily the terrier’s mission. He focuses intensely on his feathery friends as they scrap for food and fly in the trees. Such scenery provokes complete peace. We not only watch to learn but we watch quite simply because it’s our turn.

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Miracles. They abound but sometimes we don’t see them. How it’s sunny outside so there’s no reason to hide. How the children play on a glowing sunny day. How the birds tweet about their way to fly. How your heart has created all of these miracles. Now, it’s filled with pure joy. Miracles are born in a series of joyous spontaneous reflections. Oh, thy sweet connections.


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Natural Love

I love you. This is what I do. Three words. Powerful energy. A life changer. From the inside out. We say them gently with no need to shout. Three little words that unify the heart in creating beautiful art. We usually don’t shy away or avoid I love you because this is what we do. It’s worth repeating. With openness, we lead the way to greeting.


A nice walk in nature. The air is fresh. The soles of our shoes rumbling beneath the yellow autumn leaves. We walk the talk but revel in silence too. It’s enchanting how a tree or a flower has the power. To enliven you. To transform your view and make you feel awesome and true.

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