If you find yourself in a classroom for some kind of a reunion it would be way different when you were present as a mere student. You’ll notice the fearful awe you felt towards your teacher has now turned into a deep respect. If you had the wisdom back in your school days to act and be yourself then you wouldn’t have gone through so much insecurity and self-deprecation. Life hasn’t spared you from that just for the sake of learning and growing. Experiences are intrinsic for one’s growth and evolution. The student experiences, learns, grows, matures until it becomes a teacher. So when or if life makes an invitation for me to reunite with certain people from the past the teacher inside of me would probably say Thank you and then decline the invitation and move on or accept, put aside the former classroom and get to know the people behind it. For real.



Consciousness, confidence and expectation happened to live in the same building. As neighbors they were rather interchangeable. They would often visit each other to exchange deep conversations.

Confidence: I’m writing a book you guys. A really deep one though. I assure you that in a month or so my book will already be present in the hands of many amazing people.

Consciousness: How thoughtful and caring of you. Depth is what most amazing people need right now. As long as you’re writing consciously you’ve got nothing but unconditional support from me.

Expectation: Remember that my expectations are always high. Well, that’s consciousness way of interacting with me until you my dear confidence step in and take me a level higher and hence shatter my own expectations.


Love is always one step ahead of you. It knows, feels and breathes for you. You are here to love as love and be loved. Indeed, you are so deeply loved. Days like Valentine’s that celebrate love through a sacred and romantic partnership are wonderful but the truest love of all is the one which comes directly from your soul. Love is to be celebrated on a daily basis. It’s not something that comes but once a year but all year long. When you discover love within everything you receive on the outside is the grace of love being manifested in form.

Happy Love Day and may we continue to explore, cherish and nurture the love that we are every moment of every day. 


Today on an easy flowing Sunday I decided to take a different route. A more personal approach is needed to extract or deconstruct the meaning and depth of my writing.

Q: How did you discover your gift of writing?

A: The beautiful paradox is that writing discovered me in a way. I’ve always cherished a fascination for the written word but my true love began through some sort of therapeutic or even cleansing writing. Life put me through a series of spiritual events and experiences and helped me find the writer inside of me.

Q: How does one begin the process of writing?

A: Faith, hope and unwavering optimism. These are the three most important components for starting the process of writing. First, it is faith who brings you to the keyboard and allows you to meditate on the what for a minute. Secondly, hope is what assists you to start pouring the how into words. Thirdly, it is an unwavering outpouring of optimism that enables you to surrender to the creative energy and lets your heart to speak through the written word.

Q: Is the writing itself much more effective when it comes from a deeper core within yourself?

A: Absolutely. When a human being matures so does his art too. Every breath if taken deeper can produce deeper content for sure. Hence, every word you write is guided intuitively and it can travel far and wide to reach its blessed readership. Mature writing is not only effective but transformative as well.

Q: Transformative? In what sense?

A: Any content I’ve created comes to the people who need to read it the most. When that happens those people resonate with it on a cellular level and their energy is then infused with the three components I’ve mentioned before. The energy in the words gets to be translated in each individual in a unique way. That’s the beauty of it.

Q: How about you as a writer? Does it have the same effect on you?

A: Definitely. For me, writing inspires me to surrender to it and I never know what line is next. I’ve actually learned so much through writing. It even surprises me most of the time because I always start anew with each post. The first one in line to be transformed through writing is the writer itself.



It’s not so uncommon to idolize someone. We’ve all been there done that. When you look at it on one hand idols are sometimes necessary for our growth because they shape our beliefs to accomplish something quite inspirational. Idols motivate you to do things differently and invite some newness into your life. The moment you start becoming interested more in yourself and your wants and wishes the idolizing part just dissolves on its own. At least that was the case in my own experience. I only needed to have idols in my life until I started exploring myself. Then the most surprising thing happened: I became an idol unto myself. That’s how life leads you to believe that you need to revere and idolize someone until you gain your self-respect and self- worth. It’s great to have someone to look up to for wisdom or inspiration but it’s even greater when that someone becomes you yourself.


Excerpt (3) Relax and Do Your Thing

Fortuna on the other hand lacked that outward revelation that was mentioned earlier in the story. The writer thought it was necessary for her to have more focus and zest in her professional life too. Fortuna’s profession wasn’t mentioned at all in the story so the readers didn’t really know what she did for a living. All the time and space that was given to her was for a very specific reason. During that prolonged time and space she began to grow, evolve and discover herself. But that didn’t stop there. Now she felt it was the right time and space to start working and earn financial means just because it was what she was called to do. Since everything had to have meaning for her so would a job too. To get out of your comfort zone was what everybody was talking about but ironically enough for Fortuna was to do quite the opposite. To be an active and zestful worker of the Universe you need to be in your own inner comfort zone and still do the things that you want to do. Relaxation was the key element.

Excerpt (2) The Beginning of Realization

At this next stage of Fortuna’s life, the writer felt compelled to rethink the following process of her life unfolding. It was necessary for him to start granting some wishes. It was about time, he realized.

Even if an obvious chemistry was developing between both Fortuna and Finn it was actually much more than that. Two soul mates can only see each other through their souls and would feel love instantly. Fortuna did yearn for a real-life partner and thought here she found one. The writer didn’t want this to turn into a classic love story but since every road eventually leads to the discovery of love he continued.