Excerpt (1) Receiving the Dream Job

As you know the Creator works in surprising ways and so it was for Finn. He received an email from a publisher. The reader is probably wondering how is it possible to contact a writer if he hasn’t shared anything he had written with the public. How would one discover a writer? Well luckily, Finn did share some of his writings online and that led to the email message sent by the publisher. He received an exciting job opportunity. Finn was so amazed and surprised at the timing of the coming of this unexpected offer. The writer didn’t feel it was necessary to reveal the detailed content of  the email so as not to distract the reader from the real goal of the story. In honest truth Finn was a soul writer and he was always pleased to write about whatever came to him but he never thought that some day he could earn a living by writing.



Writing can be so mesmerizing like the sun and powerful as a full moon. You know that the moon goes through moon cycles and sometimes is more visible than usual. Nonetheless, even my writing I feel goes through certain cycles and phases since every day and month bring about new energy and new creative insights. Wanting to write something meaningful as always I let inspiration to guide me for today. As I’m writing this I have a sudden urge to take a selfie. Selfies are sometimes considered to be narcissistic and self-centered. However, If we explore them much deeper a selfie is actually a soulful expression of one Self. The lens of a camera would never judge you because it only captures your essence. Your soul. I’ve been able to discover this by myself as I have the ability to feel people’s energy through their photos. A selfie when unfiltered is wonderful for boosting self-confidence. Personally, I am not the kind of person who would take multiple selfies throughout the day or even in a week. When you’ve opened up spiritually and you nourish a healthy dose of self-love then it’s great to take selfies. What you would be looking at is your core and your divine beauty which surpasses mere physical appearance. We are all beautiful on the inside and the camera captures just that regardless of how you perceive yourself on the outside.

Children’s Short Soul Stories

I saw a tree a child said. Now make a wish that you would like to see the tree whispered. The sun would interfere and enlighten this treesome moment and make the child think and wait. A wish cannot be made through a tree. It takes a sunny day to make it be. So the child stood by thinking. He did so without blinking. Here and there the sun is everywhere and it made the child to know its own way.

It’s time to read your book dear. Go outside and please stay near. You’ll find your book when you least expect it. So the child went out and found its book at the right spot. The child dived into detailed reading which made him think the life he was leading. The soul is young no matter your age thus the child found a tree and turned the page.


Tick tock! It’s twelve o’clock. The child sat staring at the clock. He seemed baffled by the clock hands although he was not afraid of time itself. The child listened with keen interest to the ticking curious to find out what he was seeking. Minute by minute the child felt unaware of what time is and instead began to feel like the Timeless One indeed.



Cypresses. Oaks. Larches. Fruit trees. An array of naturalism. Trees never compete for attention, they are too busy shining in their unique and full glory. They too have feelings but you only feel them if you see trees deeply. That I mean with the heart. Remember the last time when you leaned over to a tree and just felt its stillness and vastness. Remember when you read your new book sat next to a tree and allowed the tree to guide you even deeper into its content. Remember the hug you gave it and how safe you felt. Once you’ve become closer to nature you’ve come back home. Every tree is different by characteristic but they all have one thing in common. They all have their roots firmly in the ground.




Coins have been celebrated for bringing luck. Throughout many years coins have been considered to be some kind of a lucky symbol. Even people sometimes put their decisions on heads or tails. What is so special in a coin then? Life figured that you can set intentions through deep belief. Belief that when you do something it will bring you something favorable or it will make your dreams come true. When you throw a coin into a wishing well or a fountain, or you carry it around you for whatever reason that’s when you believe that it has the power to create miracles. Actually, it’s not the coin itself but the wellspring of intentions, blessings and desires it brings forth from people. Anytime you have a deep heart’s desire know that it will be fulfilled at the right timing. A coin or some other object may only serve as just that. Objects that lead to a positive mindset that you need which luckily turns into your next noble deed.



Dreamers are deep breathers. Dreamers are visionaries. Dreamers feel much below the surface. Dreamers don’t have a choice but to live out their dreams. In a dreamer’s dream a fairy comes along. It hands out a beautiful rose. The dreamer takes a whiff while tickling his nose. A rose has all its petals open just like a dreamer’s dream then. In that dream the dreamer feels the allure of the flower and my oh my could he feel its potent power. A dreamer may not know the dream’s reality but each petal erases all duality. What a dreamer finds in a rose is an admirable quality one that could never be defined as frivolity. Upon waking up the dreamer looked for the rose only to find it inside as the story goes.


People come in perfect shapes and sizes. Imagine how geometry was created then. Take the triangle for instance. A triangle has three major points or as I like to call them three major light points. Each and every one is completely precise. There’s no end to it when every light point represents a brand new beginning. No matter how you turn the triangle it always offers a new starting point. Now imagine a human being standing perfectly still with his legs spread out a little bit. What do we get? A triangle of course. So you see a geometrical figure is much more than just that. You have to see it for yourself in order to feel your preciseness and perfection. Even if take the square, the oblong or the circle each make a perfect fit in a different way. No matter whether your energy field is a triangle, a square, an oblong, a circle or something else we all make a perfect match. Each element of us fits perfectly at any time on all occasions. It’s amazing how life can inspire us through simple yet sacred geometry.