Answer Your Questions By Becoming the Answer

The kid in me got interested in a TV show that featured a cartoonish Albert Einstein and his theories. Apparently, he said that we should never stop questioning. Well, that got me thinking if we would never stop questioning then how can we live our life to the fullest and be the best versions of ourselves? The answer came as clearly as the light of a morning day. Kids are the only ones who question non-stop. That’s part of their growth. We all carry a streak of curiosity with us but the thing is when you stop questioning that means that you’ve matured and you’ve become a grown-up.

Thus, the kid in me got interested. Questions are useful up to a certain point. Later on, they can become burdens. Why? For the simple reason of learning to trust. Questioning every single thing in your life leads to a lack of trust. You second guess yourself and you start living for the question instead of living for the answer. Reality is quite simple yet we even as adults tend to overcomplicate everything. It’s so hard to surrender to trust when you’re used to living your life through suspense and delay.

Kids don’t have trouble expressing their emotions by questioning everything but adults have the trouble to answer them and live by them. In my book questioning everything makes the way for answering everything and trusting.

As adults, it is our duty to nurture our inner child and tend to its needs and yet it is even more important to become the parent-like child who becomes the answer.

”Sometimes we need to question everything until we stop questioning” – K.P.


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The Story of The Ego as The Neverending Change

What if we can put the ego in a story? What story would that be? Would it be the narcissist who would never shut up or the inferior one who would never have the guts to do something different? Would this be a story of a hero or a victim? Would we know how to begin and what to choose? Well, it’s always good to start right from the beginning, as to how the ego got created.

Eons ago many had the idea of being on a very diverse and challenging planet that would constantly evolve. The ego thought it would have little fun times on this particular planet. For the purpose of the story, we’ll call this Planet Neverending Change. As the ego enjoyed its stay on the planet over time it got a little bored and wanted something different. No matter how much the ego changed the curriculum of its activities that restlessness never went away. So, it began to wonder and ponder. All the existential dilemma appeared and the ego felt stuck and confused. Of course, feeling stuck and confused is the first starting point of feeling freer than ever before. When the confusion reached its peak the ego didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. The only choice on this planet was to surrender to change which was never-ending. Ego hated change. It represented going into an unknown territory and that terrified the ego. Actually, the fact was that you only go back to your celestial roots and that’s that. But the ego didn’t know that. It constantly searched for ways to get out of the surrendering by pushing things away. Alas, it was all useless. Drama was its life and this spiritual-all- of -a -sudden stuff distressed it. After going through several realizations the ego started feeling inspired by change. It even accepted change and was looking forward as to where it would go next. This story about the ego coming back home is actually how it all started. At home. Nothing changed but only the ego realized that it was the Neverending change. It was created as change and its whole existence was about change. Changing for the better is the only way to be.

Once the ego became the change self-confidence and strength were its constant companions.

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The Angel and The De-stressed Human

In the outskirts of a faraway town there lived the most fearful and distressed human. She would often not go out simply because she was so scared of everything. A little sneeze would scare her. Any talk about crimes, diseases or anything in between would contribute to her seclusion. The outside world scared the Dickens out of her and she believed that protecting herself from it all was the right way to be. However, the way she felt things even in her own protected bubble made her rethink her seclusion. She was a sensitive being and could not stop the feelings that came to her more often than she desired. Not even doing meditation as a daily ritual would dispense her feelings for long. She would often receive vision-like thoughts that reassured her that her sensitivity cannot cause her demise. She was told that her sensitivity is only here to help her feel more confident in the world she feared so much.

One day she just had it with being a recluse on her own and decided to go out. She decided to go outside of her mind and inside the world. She was petrified of course because she didn’t know what might happen to her. It was a very hot summer and the high temperatures only added to her fears. But she did it anyway. The blazing hot sun was at its peak and yet she kept on going. Halfway through it she just stopped. All her fears came back and she wanted to go back home where she thought she was the safest. Well, she couldn’t even go back because she made it halfway through and didn’t have the courage neither to go forward nor to come back. She was terribly distressed and there was no one in sight to help her. When she least expected a soft and gentle voice told her: Now you met your fears halfway through and if you decide to go forward they will vanish but if you decide to go back they will go to retreat mode and resurface again at the most inopportune time. For some peculiar reason that seemed to calm her down a little bit. She was now facing a really important crossroads in her mind. The gentle voice that spoke to her prior to her making a decision gave her a gentle ‘’push’’ of reassurance so she would be able to make the right decision. She felt embraced by a loving beautiful energy and that gave her the courage that she needed to move forward. She made the choice that she was postponing for a long time. The courage she received helped the fearful distressed human become the most de-stressed bold angel. From then on she enjoyed her stay in the world and was eager to experiment and try new things. She even started doing things she would never do before.

As she discovered her new angelic disposition she moved in town and started enjoying being around people. Her sensitivity was polished and she would not feel the burden of the world as before. She would feel as if she belonged there and was confident enough to lighten the burdens of many.

This is a story of a girl who was once petrified of everything but found the courage in herself to move forward into new and wonderful adventures.

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The Quiet Jester

Two children were sitting on a bench. One was the jokester and the other one the quiet one. They were approximate yet far away in mind and heart. That did not make them dissimilar one bit. The bench they were sitting on was old and worn out but still added a warm and homely atmosphere to it.

The jokester began his side of the story. ”Let’s thrash this bench down and run away” he suggested. ”It would be the perfect accidental thing you know. We would’ve proven how strong and insipid we are. The world would stare at us and yet no one would know” he continued.

After listening to his side of the story the quiet one would just say nothing and continue to sit there and carve something with her little cutting tool.

A few moments of time passed and the two of them just changed their side of the story and began creating something together. A heart shaped carving came out.

The jokester felt strongly that the perfect jest would be to offer that carving to bypassers as the ultimate healing work of art. Anyone who touched that carving would have realized their heart’s desires. Well, they both agreed and just told to whoever passed by to put their hand on the carving. Many got interested and slightly curious to try it out. The jokester kid smiled on the inside thinking how gullible people are to believe in something like this.

You know how Life is absolutely the finest jokester so it put the childish jest right in their faces. People would feel refreshed and renewed. They felt this sort of quiet jest going on inside them. They thanked the kids for being so ingenious and gifted.

Finally, the kids themselves were so busy making it that they forgot to put their little hands on it. One hand on the other and before you know it the jokester met the quiet one in one beautiful, unusual and united creation.

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Dice Master

Borderline with sanity is what? Something called enjoyment. Pure and total abandonment. Well, folks, this is a beautiful story about love and enjoyment.

This is how it begins. When left alone to its imagination people would start wondering about their lives and the direction into which love unfolds. Some may call it soul searching yet some may see it as life’s U-turn. Beautiful people walking all around filled with hopes and dreams. How long does this journey last? For forever more and beyond. People may seem to know where their life is going and they question constantly. The only unanswered question is the question itself. A big question mark. If you want to discover what’s deep within you then you must let your question go unanswered unapologetically. Somehow everything works out just fine. You actually discover that life is the biggest discovery yet. All your fears fall to the side. You feel relieved. Life has a way of letting you know that all is truly well. Loving cards are thrown around the table. Life has thrown its first dice. You see who’s roulette is spinning and whose has stopped. The dice may be thrown and yet you breathe openly and freely. Nothing can break you. You feel the air caressing you.

Thank you beautiful Life for hearing this story out and for being the ultimate Dice Master.


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The Infinity Sisters

In a small distant village there lived eight women. They all shared similar traits and characteristics. When it came down to laundry time they would all gather up and do the laundry in the nearby river. Their laughter was loud and contagious. Some of the women even sang.

Every day at noon they would all do the laundry together. It sort of became a ritual for them. One day as they were up and down their washing activity one of the women said: ”I’m enjoying this special time with all of you. I feel like we bond much easier when we are doing the washing together.” Upon hearing this another one replied: ”I couldn’t agree more. If someone can see us now they would think how united we all seem in our overall disposition. We are like the ultimate Infinity Sisters doing the laundry together. ”

Eventually, that village was called the Infinity Sisters Village due to its eighth number population.

Doing the washing represents a symbol for cleansing the soul and all the Infinity Sisters made it be an exercise in perfect cleanliness.

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Mr.Laughingjoy’s Point Of Light

”A beautiful and a cheerful disposition can make wonders for just about everybody.” That’s what Mr. Laughingjoy stood for. ”One smile is enough to melt someone’s heart” he said.

As he was going through his days he had this amazing daily ritual of smiling to every object in his house. The cupboards, the chairs, the table, the TV, the remote control, the doors you name it. To a random spectator that would seem a little odd even crazy. He didn’t care for that. His motto was: smile to everything and everyone and make sure you don’t look back. Mr. Laughingjoy didn’t have time to indulge in curious bypassers. He was too busy smiling.

This is how he decided to live his life no matter what. One day during his walks he met the angriest person. It seemed as if this person was really having a temper-tantrum and was practically fuming. Mr. Laughingjoy knew the remedy right away. He looked at the person and then he listened to him carefully. He wasn’t the preacher type at all. There wasn’t a set of rules of what is right or wrong displayed in front of the person. Yet, he was inclined to impart something to his fellow man:

I understand how someone’s problems can overshadow their smiles. I was like that once. I was the frowniest person alive. Smiling was never on my list. But, once I realized how unhelpful frowning was I decided to switch to the opposite and stick with it. From that moment on it was like I switched a light inside of me. On the surface, I still witnessed certain challenges but a smile meant that I was trusting enough to surrender to it. It’s not that it’s difficult at first. The point is that smiling in tough times becomes the simplest things to do. I see you as a fellow man and I smile simply because I have to keep my light turned on at all times so that you can lighten up your burdens. This is why I always smile so that I can shine someone’s heart and lift them up.

A smile is like waking up. It seems bland in the morning but you get to do it every day without exhaustion. 

Mr. Laughingjoy continued his walk as usual with a big wide smile on his face.


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