The Fisherman’s Contemplation

fishing painting

One very spring day a man went on a small boat trip near his house. He was a fisherman. He had a slender figure and had the deepest green eyes you’ve ever seen. His boat was his constant companion. He enjoyed the simple life and was satisfied with the most ordinary things. The environment that was surrounding him was the reflection of his own simplicity.

Simplicity is actually richness. The fisherman knew how to enjoy his innate and God-given richness so he decided to embark on a fishing adventure.  Once he found himself at the heart of the lake he waved his fishing rod straightforwardly. The quietness of the fishing act itself was contemplative. He could sit there for hours on end not feeling any pangs of sweet discontent. In order to really be a great fisherman he knew he had to possess the skill of stillness and patience. As he was sitting in his boat patiently he had a realization of the water being made of the same material he was. It gave him a comforting feeling that he was not alone.

That day he didn’t have much success. The fisherman didn’t care that much about fish. He only went there because it was the only place where he could unravel himself and literally dive deep within.

A small voice said to him: You don’t have to expect all at once to come your way. If you learn to be patient and still enough you’ll be like the fisherman in the distance having received a lifetime supply of fish. The art of getting as much fish as you want is learning the skill of being present with yourself which is what life is all about. 



Allow Past Friends To Uncover The Present One

paper human figures holding hands

Let bygones be bygones. That’s what they say. What’s past is past. However, sometimes the past comes back to mend our beliefs about our past coming back to haunt us. Certain things cannot be forgotten but they can be forgiven over time.

It’s like having a friend that is no longer a part of your life. A mere reminder is left. As I say a small memory ghost. People that have become ex-friends remain memory ghosts that fade into oblivion as time goes by. The best part of it is that you discover yourself and become your own friend which is better. No one can say that nurturing a friendship is easy.

If there’s mutual respect, understanding and loving appreciation anything goes. Friends are like blooming flowers. The more you take care of them the more they grow. It’s like you see a sunset in the distance that reminds you of a long, vast, majestic friendship that eventually transforms and fades away into the night.

That ex-friend may still be around but it’s not forming your sunset as we speak. The greatest joy in life is being a friend to yourself.

Once you become your best friend it is easier to attract people not of like mind but of like soul.

A friend is like a hidden rose

make it known by itching your nose.

It comes as no surprise

once you look deeply into a true friend’s eyes.