Inspired by the Mirror of Ourselves

girl wrapped in a rose

If asked who was the person that inspired me the most I would probably say MYSELF. There are certain days of the year when we pay homage to the human beings who do extraordinary acts of heroism and kindness regardless of gender. What we’ve never or rarely done is pay homage to ourselves for being our own heroes in our own lives.

Why wait for someone else to give us the green light and lavish us with praise when we can do that ourselves instead? In the beginning, it may seem weird or unusual but over time one cannot pass a mirror without giving oneself a loving compliment. The main point is that all the hardships and struggles we faced made us stronger and better in every sense of the word. Our set of experiences only reminded us of how brave we are to survive them. This very moment is a living testimony of that. When we bow to the presentness of time and reality we realize that we are the role models we’ve encountered along the way. That is our experiences being our wisest and yes sometimes toughest teachers. It’s great to be inspired by someone you love or even by a perfect stranger but it is far greater when we feel inspired by ourselves. You want instant gratification? There’s one. I’m not denying the right and the privilege we all have of receiving compliments and appraisal from another which is also equally important. When you just allow yourself to be inspired by the Universe that can inevitably lead you to feel inspiration in everything you are and do.

Inspiration sometimes seems to be elusive 

and yet its magnitude can feel so effusive

to feel inspired by another is great

but wait until you find your true soulmate.