Birthday Special

What is it about birthdays that makes our hearts race and our minds spin around in joyful frenzy? Perhaps, it’s because on that day we receive heartfelt birthday messages and compliments. Perhaps, it’s due to the accomplishments we made prior to our birthday. Whatever it is birthdays are a great landmark of maturity. Numbers may be adding up but what makes a birthday be so special is life itself. Birthdays are a great celebration of life.

For me, I feel like every day is my birthday because every day is new and fresh. It’s as if you’ve been reborn and replenished. The first one in line to offer you a birthday wish is you.

Once upon a time, the whole wide Universe asked a child: Beloved one, what would love for your birthday? There was a collective sigh of relief.



Maturing As A Writer is Solely The Soul’s Business

Beautiful writers write beautiful writings. Every single writer has the purpose to inspire through his/her writing. A poem here a text there and you’ve got yourself a nice piece of writing. What determines the quality of any written piece is the energy you put into it. In the beginning, you only write for the joy of it or as a therapeutic way of channeling your emotions but later on, it is your soul that wants to express itself in unique and quirky fashion.

Mature writing becomes something that comes from within and usually, the writer has no preconceived notion of what the piece is going to be about. He decides to trust the process and see where it takes him. Mature writing does not require effort it only requires a huge leap of faith. It is like looking into someone else’s eyes and letting them know how deeply you trust them. The moment you let go of control you become a genuinely mature writer. Not knowing where the next line takes you is more than thrilling especially for the soul.

One droplet does not a water make. Mature writers learn how to be more intimate with themselves first. Any topic could become a source of inspiration, however, when that topic transforms into something universal that has the power to touch each and every heart, true alchemy occurs.

Great and truly brilliant pieces of writings come to those who are patient and faithful.



Get To Know Your Inner Parent

light butterflies coming from a jar

Parent-children relations are somewhat difficult sometimes. It gets even more difficult if you happen to live with your parents longer than you expected. However, that kind of a strenuous relationship can actually be a blessing in disguise. The only way to achieve personal growth is to be exposed to all the elements of nature.

A parent would often act as this domineering figure in the family who always expects the best from his children. That’s okay up to a point. It’s actually the opposite of what parenting is all about. It’s like saying to a child: you be and act the way I want to see you and then if you meet my expectations maybe then I will reward you and give you a compliment. It’s as if you have to earn their compliments like you are competing for some kind of prize. That puts children in a waiting mode that eventually turns to frustration.

In order to ease out the relationship, one has to find some kind of balance. The fact is that we cannot make our parents change their minds or understand us and vice versa. When we come to a certain age it’s time for us to take responsibility for how we respond. If we still need to fight and defend every single belief we have then the relationship will definitely not improve. If our parents can still trigger us and make us act like they see us which is like small children we can lose sight of what’s really important. Our response is quite crucial. If we completely disagree with them both intellectually and energetically and we know deep down that we are grown ups and mature human beings then our response should be in alignment with that. For instance, even if we fall into the same reactive loop over and over again then perhaps it’s time to turn to ourselves and take responsibility for how we’ve reacted. The first thing I do after reacting is ask myself: Who was the person that hurt me the most? If a parent comes to mind the next question would be: What are the words that I wanted to hear from my ( mom, dad, sister, relative) that would’ve helped me grow and evolve quicker? 

In my own case, dad is the first thing that popped up. The words that came forth are: I respect your choices and decisions. I see you as a beautifully vibrant and wonderful human being. I accept you just the way you are. I always saw great potential in you. You are definitely the light of my life. I love you, honey.  You’re gonna make a difference in the world. I knew we had a special and unique child the minute I set my gaze upon you. I miss our bonding time together. You are absolutely beautiful. I see your true divine nature. Thank you for being my beloved child. You’re such a gift. 

The truth is that nobody can really affect us if we allow ourselves to be our own parents and tell ourselves these words on a daily basis. The judgments we have about our parents can gradually dissolve once we become responsible and mature parents of our own inner innocence.

Real parenting begins at home where the heart is. 

Turn To Your Inner Dictionary For Happiness

beautiful sunset

Happiness is something that’s rather common to hear about since the beginning of time. Many teachings have taught us that to be happy means to be ecstatic, joyful and smiling all the time. We have experienced that puppy joy on several occasions and it kind of set the blueprint of what we would seek in our lives afterward.

Society has taught us that is it natural to want to be happy yet unnatural to feel anything less than that. That’s a great goal to chase after but the problem begins when happiness starts seeming very elusive. We prefer to feel ecstatic rather than empathic. We prefer stimulation to tediousness. By and by when everything passes and we are left with nothing but happiness then we discover what it really means.

The conditioning we’ve received in our earlier years doesn’t match the maturing of one’s soul. It has been more than normal to want to feel buoyant all the time but the truth is quite different. Along with our journey, we discover that true happiness comes from within and it is not something that’s either ecstatic or otherwise. I would say that happiness is a balance for reals. Happiness is feeling safe, supported and loved one breath at a time and thus providing long-lasting well-being. If one would describe happiness as a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy one would be rendering a rather limited definition. In order to expand our horizons, one must see the bigger picture. If we would want to be joyful and laughing all the time then we would be denying Life itself. We would try to create a false fairytale.

Happiness is the ultimate supporter of life’s most tempting trials. Happiness is obtained when you no longer let your happiness depend only on externals. That’s actually owning your power and being happy about it.

Dictionaries can be useful for technicalities but in real life, words do take on high-level meaning.

Next time you need a word or a definition or any kind of explanation just look up within. May you discover your own true happiness.

Springtime infusion

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Springtime is here. Hooray. No more chilling cold nights. Yes to plenty of sunshine and fun-filled days. At least that’s how our innocence perceives spring. Nature at its best. Spring is the best season for maturing and growing up. Spring is like a queen of colors. It’s not afraid to show its true colors. It is actually very buoyant and happy to shine her rainbow and infuse hope and bliss into every heart.

Have you ever noticed that our intuitive abilities are best shown at springtime? Perhaps, it’s the blossoming of Life itself that enables our nature to realign with the nature Manifested. It actually springs from nowhere in particular and yet it always comes from home if you know what I mean. The gentle breeze allows us to breathe with ease and it does gently blow our troubles away. It’s so inspiring to observe how the breeze plays with the leaves on the trees teasing them ever so slightly. God didn’t create nature just for the sake of enjoyment even though that’s a big part of it. He created nature so that we can discover our own. The nature of us which is vibrant and colorful but is it also vast and has no ending. The clear sunny weather does invite us to come out and play and we accept the invitation with no reason to stay.

Spring is so bedazzling with its love that’s so announcing the first kiss of lovers made on a splendid shiny day.