Cherry Tree Mini Meditation

cherry tree in a park

Imagine you are a beautiful blossoming cherry tree in a forest. How boastful it seems right? Yet you stand tall, confident and courageous regardless of the weather conditions. Feel your roots connecting you deeply to the ground. Feel your own magnificence and glory surrounding your amazing florets. You extend to the heavens above with your branches and say hello to God. You’re not afraid to stand out and be a cheery tree in a forest full of cedars, cypresses, oaks and what else. Feel your sacredness and stillness. Feel the gentle breeze caressing your florets and playing with you in the most pure and alive way. Feel the breeze softly blowing in and blowing out.

Honey you had courage enough when you chose to incarnate as a cherry tree. You knew your inner worthiness and your radiance. When ”other trees” look at you admiration, love and reverence is felt.

You are so beautiful whispered the wind.


Words Spoken Breath Returned Intuition Followed

human parachuter into the human mind

Lately, I’ve noticed people picking on me and looking at me with a suspicious eye. They’ve discussed my seemingly introverted disposition and searched for remedies to get me out of it. Most of the phrases used were – you’re too passive; you’re too pensive; you’re not social enough; you’re isolating yourself too much; you’re not talkative enough. Every one of these phrases contains a speck of truth I must confess. However, when we point out to someone’s ”wrong” attitude we insist that it must be changed so to blend in with society.

Too many people are trying to ”fix” me. They want me to be more like them. Even my own sister said to me that she wants me to be more like her. Is that the way we want to relate to each other? We certainly live in communities and societies together and we all belong to the same humanly spiritual family but we are still different in our own unique ways. We put the excuse: I only look after you and I only want the best for you. Maybe, but most importantly I think  -” I am only trying to change you so that I don’t feel so lonely or I am only picking on you because you have power enough to save me ” are the hidden motives behind every insistence. The most amazing part is that we are very adverse towards any kind of change and we get rather defensive when someone tries to change us.

On the other hand, the tricky part of it is that perhaps someone is seeing an area of your life that needs more of your attention that you’re not willing to give and the other part is your intuition of course. How can I follow my intuition when everyone else is telling me what to do? Trust me that intuition really knows what’s best for us concerning overall health and well-being. Overall health includes nutrition,  exercise, social gatherings, soul-nurturing activities etc. Intuition knows what food is right for you, which exercise is best for you, what kind of crowd is right for you and what soulful activities best help you uplift your spirit. All you have to do is ask and feel away.

The key word is trust. Intuition is sometimes different from what we think is best for us. Our body will tell us and yet our minds may want something else. People only point out the parts of us that need our attention and that part is our defensiveness towards them. Taking full responsibility for our own reactions and really listening to ourselves.

From my own experience when I get upset over someone trying to ”talk some sense into me” I notice my shallow breathing. I sort of gasp, like trying to catch my breath.

No wonder I behave so violently sometimes. There you go. It’s not the words someone says to us but the breath they take away from us. 

Breath breath sweet breath return to me when I speak and thy power will ever empower me.

How to Embody Your True Soul Profession

Time is not a factor for me. I’ve got plenty of time to do, be or whatever. The key factor for me lately is finding my true soulful profession. I would correct myself and say not finding but rather embodying it. What would be a real profession if it’s not something that you actually love doing?

A job is usually associated with a regular workplace and a paycheck. Of course, that goes with it but the main point here is whether that kind of job is actually soul-fulfilling or not. We all want to do what we want and express ourselves creatively and uniquely. It’s odd how having a job becomes a part of us that we usually latch on to.

If money were not an object what would we be actually doing?

Throughout my career, I’ve only had minor and temporary jobs that were sometimes fulfilling although not in the long run. I’ve worked as a teacher and what I learned from that experience is that you cannot control your students by imposing a false authoritarian attitude. You cannot ensure that every single class would be as interesting or awakening as any other. I usually felt like doing something random just to finish up my duties and go home. Sometimes the students responded better and sometimes they didn’t. During those working years, I yearned for that deep connection with myself and others. Making a long story short working as a teacher did not fully fulfill me.

So the question remains as to how can I embody my true soulful profession? What is my true soul-profession? Perhaps, by opening this jar of creativity I’ve poured my soul into these words and thus have sealed what is already true for me.

Consequently, I have discovered that the only profession that comes from the heart and soul can only be expressed from the inside out and not vice versa.

Our soul-profession has to be in sync with our soul-personality. Whatever values you hold dear or whatever characteristics you love most about yourself will most certainly be your step by step guide to realizing what you’ve always known you’re here to do.