Creative Dreaminess, Come Out!

Have you ever wondered about your dreams? How spooky, weird, bizarre, outrageous and funky they can get? I didn’t bother much about my dreams when I was little but now as I peaked into an adult I’m becoming very keen on the understanding of dreams.

I want to know their meaning, which is very intriguing yet compelling. Some dreams are very symbolic and some are just clearing out of old and stagnant energy.

I do believe that dreams are a pointer to our creative forces that may have been kept under water. For instance, I dreamed of being pregnant the night before. I saw myself with a big belly and I could almost feel the pain that pregnant women go through when they have contractions. I was quite anxious and fidgety for the baby to come out as I nagged my mom to do something. It was a very surreal dream for me as I have never had that kind of dream before. As I woke up I was plagued by the question of what did this all mean. In this day and age, it is very easy to get to any kind of information, so I got online and typed pregnancy dreams.

Even if I didn’t bother to discover the ”intricate”plot of the dream I would’ve guessed that pregnancy meant a new birth. A new life coming forth. A new chapter unfolding. 

It all became very clear to me that now is the time for me to shine bright and bring forth my highest creativity. Writing for me feels like a new birth. I neglected it for several weeks and the angels gently unwinded the movie while I slept to remind me – hey honey you’re soon to be a newborn writer. Congratulations!

One could veer off into many other interpretations but to each his own. I am thankful that this time is finally coming when we can literally have our deepest dreams come to life, and by that, I mean those dreams coming from the heart.

Blessings to all and may all your dreams come true!