May You Speak From The Heart

tree heart

Words words words. We love saying them and we love playing with them. They can be either daggers or verbal bouquets of flowers. It’s funny how sometimes we can use them as both and lack any real meaning. The true purpose of words is to really inspire us.

Anyone today says a lot all day and night and not really say anything. Words said without depth are much less effective. If we want to go even deeper words are not just letter linked together, they have a unique frequency to them. It’s wonderful. It’s amazing how a word can wake up the truth in you. We know that nowadays people love using words but more so as daggers. Fortunately, we have the choice to choose our words or let our words be spoken directly from the heart. Wouldn’t it be great if we said to ourselves the most beautiful words in existence on a daily basis? Why wait for others to give us a morsel when we can have the whole loaf?

I care for you deeply honey. I respect your choices and decisions. I am your most faithful and loyal companion and friend. I am never gonna leave you. You are so talented. You are so beautiful. You are wonderful just the way you are. I see your light. Your radiance can never escape my gaze. You mean the world to me. I wish you joy and happiness. You are always doing the best you can. May you be blessed with peace. Everything is going to be alright. 

All IS well. 









Allow Creativity to Work Through You

sparkles of light

Creativity is something that has crossed my mind many many times. Nowadays it is more so of a yearning that wishes to be expressed. This is why I often ask myself: How can I express my creativity in a positive and inspiring way? The answer comes unexpectedly (Uhm belly expands – belly falls).

I am starting to realize that creativity comes directly from the premises of the soul. It is in that depth of quiet contemplation that one finds himself being the ultimate creative act itself. Being so the creativity called human beings can be expressed only through us in a multitude of ways.

However, there’s that desire to work on a creative project that’s tangible and palpable to reality and that can be easily utilized by anyone. There are many creative projects out there just waiting for us. The challenge starts when we know we have something valuable to share with the world but we either don’t know what that is or we don’t know how to express it.  If we knew that creativity is within our reach 24/7 we would know what to do at any given moment. We would realize that creativity is a dance between being and doing. Of course, a part of us is convinced that we really must do something creative instead of allowing creativity to create through us. That’s completely okay. The struggle begins when we want to be in charge of our creativity and by welcoming and inviting creativity to work through us it is then when the struggle comes to an auspicious end.

Nonetheless, even when creativity can be expressed through us it is still something that changes and metamorphoses on a daily basis. Life is what informs us of our creative talents and abilities and only life can take care of it.

It may sound funny or silly but creativity is something like the process of milking a cow. We may want to ”milk” creativity all the way but it is Life that ”milks” it for us in the most dedicated, loving and patient fashion. It is a process that requires our willingness to let it be as it wishes.

So my dear friends cheers to creativity that creates the ultimate creation through us one breath at a time.