Free Compliments Project

An idea came across to me as I was about to fall asleep. My brilliant mind can sometimes really work up a creative ”appetite”. I’ve always wanted to express my passion in a creative way so I decided this is the best way to do it. It’s been a while since I’ve written something and I am so happy when those rare inspiring moments  do finally come.

It would be amazing to just throw compliments and lovely words at people for no reason. The world could really use some compliments nowadays. Therefore, considering that saying nice things to someone wouldn’t cost you a dime so why don’t  we start today or right this moment. Regardless of how this may sound but I consider myself to be a beautiful inspiring enchanting human being and I always deserve the best that life can offer. I consider it most appropriate to start with myself because I definitely matter.

As a segue let’s do the Free Compliments Project where you offer compliments to close people you know or random strangers on a daily basis just for the sake of sharing some love and positive energy.  You can do this via the internet or in person. This project has no rules in particular and can be practiced by anyone who desires to spread some love. There’s no end goal just a deep aspiration to uplift people’s energy and motivate the world that sometimes dwells too much on the negative.

Believe me, it would mean so much to someone if you tell them how worthy they are of love. It’s something that each of us wants to hear.

Hop on if you’re up to it and thank you WordPress for giving me an opportunity to share this insight with all the wonderful people out there. You ROCK!