Find Your Own Quantum

man jumping between two rocks

It’s amazing how society always tries to impose certain beliefs and values that actually do not match our own. Even the ones who claim they can erase your past pain and make you more of this or that in just a few days only get your hopes high too much to then plummet you to disappointment.

I am one of those people who seeks some kind of course or training that will help me become my best version of myself. I always strive for the best. Always. No exception. Some courses have proved more effective than others but no course has given me a lasting sense of connection. Perhaps, we demand too much. We demand change from the core, the root. That kind of change may only come when we are not obsessed with finding improvement on the outside.

In my own life, I have all the basic necessities and more but certainly not everything. Rarely do I feel grateful for something that I wish to be here for me now. The paradox, of course, is that what I wish for has already played out on a quantum level somewhere and is actually orbiting around my life right now. We feel an urge to ask: Why then is it not here? Well, there is no clear answer on that one but life is giving us what we’ve always wanted only when we embody and realign with the corresponding quantum subconscious. As I understand it quantum means quantity or how much. Now that might confuse us to thinking why does quantity play a bigger role than quality. Since the word quantum refers to the proportion of energy matter, it is obvious that the amount of energy put into something is what really unlocks to key to anything in existence. When the glass gets stained too much it’s hard to find the quantum in there.

Put water in a small glass and observe. Then after a few minutes put some spices or salt and observe again. Make your own little experiment.

I really don’t know how I’ve ended up talking about the quantum, but that’s why writing can be so awe-inspiring. It can take you where you least expect it.