Compliment Your Judgments

cartoonish rock and a ruler

It’s no use trying to stop people from judging you or think poorly of you because it will seem like you’re fighting with giants that turn out to be windmills instead. Even if you showcase your defenses people will still not listen to you. Defense meets an unwillingness to be open. When two egos see each other what do they do? They turn away and hide. They only seem like they’re facing forward but actually, they hide from potential ridicule and judgment. This is why an ego’s aim is to stay closed.  If an ego would suddenly start opening up it would lose its defenses and justifications.

An ego usually would want things to go its way and no other. To an ego, change seems scary and uncalled for. We don’t want to be judged because a judgment would surely unravel our true identity. Otherwise, when we allow a judgment to be just that a mere judgment we wouldn’t feel the need to defend ourselves or fight. This is where writing comes in. You write about specific emotions and then you actually start unraveling them through it. It’s life’s intelligent way od luring you to the promise land of truth and honesty. Judgments have the sole purpose of inspiring our greatest maturity to come forth and life is giving us so many chances to practice. When you start responding to judgment with greater maturity the ego would have no other choice but to surrender. I don’t mean surrender as a defeat but surrender as letting the greater cosmic energy guide you to your best version of yourself. Nobody says it’s easy at first. However, that’s not even the point. The point is to practice and get better at it each time. Whenever an ego is ready to fire up at someone’s judgment you turn to your breath and just let it lead all the way down to the core of your being. For instance, when you steer a ship you still have your compass with you in case you get lost. Therefore, you can always access your own inner compass whenever you’re unsure of how to respond to someone’s verbal ”daggers.”

It becomes much lighter when you just offer a compliment in a moment of judgment at least silently. If you muster up the courage to say nice words loudly go for it. A simple example:

Judgment: I don’t like that you’re always late. You just don’t respect people’s time.

Compliment: Honey, you’ve put all the right words in the same sentence. Thank you for taking your time to convey this to me. I respect your opinion. Let me give you the time that I didn’t give to others. I’m all ears. I’m listening to you.

This is how you let both hearts feel seen and heard and no one is neither ignored nor neglected.


An Exploration Of Love

sun rays filtering in the forest

Once upon a time, there was a golden girl named Lightie. She was a magical being, an enchantress of the Forest of Love. She was well known among many worldwide and creatures all around were very curious about her. They were quite keen to find her. They set sail and began their journey of exploration right there and then. The more land they traversed the further the path it seemed to be. Land after land, sea after sea, mountain after mountain, valley after valley. It seemed like it had no end to it. Once they stepped foot in the Forest of Love something peculiar caught their attention. Even though the clock was ticking and it was beginning to get darker in the Forest itself was actually becoming lighter. They had their wooden clocks about them and the clock really did announce nighttime. They wondered how it was possible to be nighttime outside the Forest and daytime inside of it. The Forest was very open and welcoming. The creatures decided to roam through it and try to find Lightie. The Forest itself was quite spacious and vast so they really didn’t know where to begin. They had one goal in mind and they went after it. They wanted to find Lightie and take her back home with them. Lightie was nowhere to be found simply because she didn’t dwell in the Forest. After hours of searching the little creatures had no luck. There was not a trace of the golden girl. They were tired and exhausted and just wanted to go home. They lay down for a while to rest. In the morning everything seemed to change. The little creatures couldn’t believe their eyes. The light has covered them entirely. They not only found Lightie but they found themselves too. Their exploration has come to an end. A joyful exuberance was heard throughout the Forest.

Lightie was forever in their hearts as the Forest represented the heart space that was filled with infinite possibilities.

The Forest of Love and Lightie were one and the same. This is where the real journey begins.