One piece of Many Mixtures!

What does that mean to bridge differences? We all talk a whole awful lot about it but we don’t have the foggiest of how to do that. What is a difference actually? I honestly, don’t know. What is separation? I honestly don’t know. Perhaps, it’s only a word, that doesn’t have much meaning.

Blah, blah on and on goes the mouth. It’s difficult to keep it shut since the stream of consciousness has already been released out of heaven’s gate. What is politics? I honestly don’t know yet I hear a whole lot about it too nowadays.

There’s too much talking and no listening. The mouth flaps too much. The brain thinks too much. It’s time for some quiet time.  Having felt separation my whole life I still don’t know what that is. Everyone else seems to know. Perhaps, it’s better to just sit in the unknowing. What did you say? Nothing. Ah, okay.

Really, are we all that naive to believe that we are separate from one another and that this isn’t just another play playing out before our own eyes? Surely, God is much more perceptive than that. To be the strength of life is what all players adhere to be. Mainly, all beings intertwine and connect whether they commit heinous crimes or do saintly things, they are all still characters of the same play. When God gave specific roles to everyone he didn’t say do what the heck you want. He still had directions and helping tips clearly written in his script.  You are guided and divinely directed, whether you want to or not.

Separation is not in the script because when the script was created it was created as one piece altogether. Sure, it has different bits and pieces but it is ultimately one piece. One piece of many mixtures and you are that one missing piece to complete the puzzle. Trust it in your heart. You are. You are honey.