Write with the quill of your spirit

Many thoughts arise and many depart. What is fascinating about inspiration coming forth is that it gives us the ability to express in an original fashion.

A spectrum of topics abound and we can write about anything we want, really.

Remember there is a Universe/God in everyone no matter how they seem to appear on the outside. This peculiar thought came to me today. As I started repeating it silently to myself as I passed people by it suddenly relaxed me and I had no judgments, just a realization.

Whatever feels safe and good in your body do it. I have always been an advocate of safety but have rarely felt safe in my own body.

Relax, breathe and write with the quill of your spirit! It’s your own unique stamp.


Taking a Walk in the Valley of the Mind

Johnny and Kiya went out for a walk. It was a beautiful sunny day sprinkled with a tiresome breeze. They talked and talked for hours unaware of Mr.Time. It was so interesting to observe them as they both shared something valuable and were so enthralled in listening to each other. The world around them became as oblivious as never before.

– The grass is greener today said Kiya.

– The sun is even brighter said Johhny.

They continued walking in awe of nature and everything else around them looked like the Valley of the Mind. It was odd that these two best friends were taking a walk in the Valley of the Mind. Their Mind. Many sighs were uttered as offering some relief.

– Maybe we’ll see Madam Faith today, don’t you think so? asked Johnny.

– Well, if Sir Fear doesn’t keep her much replied lovely Kiya.

-But can’t Madam Faith and Sir Fear collaborate and sort everything out? Ultimately they both reside in the same Valley jumped in Johnny again.

-Oh yes, I forgot that both lived in the same place uhm space. They are so linked together like we are pointed out Kiya. A bear hug interrupted their little chit chat.

Happily, they went along as they thought they made the final conclusion. They decided to keep quiet for awhile and follow the breeze.

A little further on their walk an acorn fell on their heads and woke them up. When they rubbed their eyes it was as if they rediscovered each other all over again.

Chasing After Money Until Inspiration Catches You

Aren’t we all money making machines? Do we actually want to be a money making machine? In a sense, yes, why not. Everybody nowadays wants to spin the dimes as fast as they can.

It is also true that money spoils us, making us greedy little goblins always wanting more. But as an unemployed, passionate creative writer, I can honestly say that I don’t consider myself greedy for wanting to earn a decent income by doing what I love. I used to think that wanting to add more material goods into your life was wrong. Why? Because I thought it was way too superficial to only desire material stuff into your life. I judged everyone who was only talking about earning money. Even though, secretly I desired that money more than anything in the world. There you go. No shame, just honesty.

Society has a way of keeping us glued to that thin piece of paper by seducing us with overpriced products that ”would make your life so much easier and happier”. Marketing plays a huge role in awakening our money buds. I don’t want to stray too much of the subject at hand, but not being paid for doing what you love can become frustrating and disappointing.

Much around now, I usually start feeling sorry for myself for still not landing that dream job and I feel like a victim of circumstances. That’s a huge turn-off. When I get into that pitiful zone I don’t even have the energy to write, because I want that dream job right now. We’re pretty impatient creatures.

As I can recall there were always some money issues in my family and from then on I innocently activated the lack mode. How can I turn lack into abundance? Well, the first intuitive response I have is to be grateful for what I already have which is plenty. We’ve heard this maybe a thousand times but have never actually put it into practice. Not until I get my dream job will I then be grateful, which is like saying never. Practice gratitude on a daily basis, regardless of what you feel about it.

The point being is that I actually have the energy, the time and the proper technological device to write. I am writing right now, doing what I am so passionate about. So no amount of despair or frustration can ever replace what I do right now. Thank you.

The more inspiring words I put out there, the more income I make. This is the absolute money making truth. You don’t have to see it to believe it, you just have to trust it and you’ll see.

Frankly, what inspiration does to my writing process, can never be accomplished with any currency value. Perhaps, I’ll be more motivated, but ultimately inspiration comes from a place much much deeper. That is the true divine satisfaction.

Love is the Solution to All Equations

In this day and age, it is somewhat difficult to maintain your enthusiasm and keep on moving forward in life. With so many horrific things going on in the world people do not have the energy to just do what they love.

We become extremely shut down and start to wallow in self-pity and doubt. Been there, done that too many times. Our emotional watch becomes completely out of whack and we just go through the motions with absolute fear and despair on our faces. All we want is someone to tell us and assure us that everything is going to be alright. We wait. We become the endless waiters. Waiting for someone to rescue us. We want that imagined pink reality where everything is sunny and happy and none of this dreary, grim stuff.

As life often has its way, it’s far from that perfect fairy tale. Life is often difficult and dreadful. That’s the truth. No sugarcoating. Hurdles, obstacles, challenges abound. We surely don’t want that, we want everything to go our way.

However, what’s the point of life if it weren’t for those challenges? We would neither grow nor expand. Everything that we have survived in the past has brought us exactly where we are. In my own case, love is what brought me here.

Provided that we feel grossed out and disgusted by another’s behaviour our only response to that is with the opposite, which is love. And I don’t mean love as a concept. I mean love as a state of being. Man, that love is powerful. Much more powerful than hatred.

If you’re anything like me that you do want to make a positive change in the world, but don’t have a clue as to how to start, just practice the law of polarity. Wondering how you can do that? Just watch the news and whatever you see, which is mostly devastating make time to do the opposite. The only response to a violent world is peace. Make time to practice peace within yourself, by acknowledging how you feel. Send some love to your own beautiful heart as often as you can, not so you can immediately see the shift outside, but so you can notice a slight shift inside yourself first. The world won’t become peaceful overnight, but if your first choice is always peace and love you’ll start feeling more peaceful. I’ve always wondered how is it possible that in a world of such chaos there is peace inside you that really passes any kind of understanding.

You don’t have to be interested in spirituality to do that. You can begin right now. Slow your breath and say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! In my own case, it felt weird at first but  as I kept doing it something cracked open. Things won’t always go our way, but they don’t have to. At the end of the day, your own heart will still be here awaiting for your loving attention.

As an aside one book that has truly had an impact on me is Whatever Arises Love That by Matt Kahn. I lovingly recommend it and if you have the chance, please read it.

Please share more kindness and love to yourself first because you deserve it, as you are the love that you have always been and will be.

L.O.V.E. out – Loving Openness Vibrational Eminence!

An Unusual Conversation Between Love and Fear!

What is fear in reality? Only a sensation that says you haven’t paid much attention to me, because you tried to push me away over and over again. Being afraid of what you’re going to find out. Well, fear is just a sensation, a cry for love. Not a cry for help, but a cry for love. When we feel fear to our bones it’s time for love to enter our body. A dialogue between the two will sound sort of like this:

Fear: I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. Everything seems so hopeless.

Love: Come onto me and I will heal your wounds.

Fear: If I come to you I won’t have anything to worry about. I will be nothing.

Love: Exactly.

Fear: So what’s your point?

Love: There is no point.

Fear: What do you mean? There’s got to be a point.

Love: Well, when you allow me to heal your wounds, you’ll be the same and yet more polished and shinier.

Fear: How do you mean more polished and shinier? I want to be the same, with all my worries, because if you heal me then what’s left of me? That scares me.

Love: I am only here to reassure you that nothing in existence can scare you, so why don’t we become allies instead of enemies?

Fear: I’m not so sure about that. I might lose myself completely and I don’t know if I like that. I like to be in control you know. I like to be the driver you know.

Love: Ok, be the driver then. I completely agree with you.

Fear: Really? Wow that’s so cool to be in charge of everything.

Love: You can be whatever you want. No one can tell you otherwise, not even I. If you ever need me please let me know. I am always here.

Fear: Nah, I got it from here, but thanks anyway.

After a few months, they meet again:

Fear: Hey Love are you there? I’m starting to get a bit bored of being in control. It’s getting tiresome to run around all the time. Can you interest me in some fun games and thrills?

Love: Welcome home honey.

The end!

Here’s the Key on How to Find the Right ONE!

What if we found the right keyhole and the right key? Things are quite simple. If we want to open a drawer that is locked, we must firstly find the right key. Instead of finding the right key we try a bunch of different keys that just won’t fit. We pull the drawer rather annoyed, thinking that it’ll open by itself. We can even break the drawer just to open it immediately.

Mind over matter or is it vice versa? Is it possible that the drawer has locked itself on purpose or have we locked it? Whatever the answer, there is only one solution. We have to find the right key. How do we do that? By observing, by looking attentively and by being still. Patience leads to the right one and we must be willing to look for it attentively. It may be so close yet if we’re unaware we cannot see it.

What’s the point of looking if we are not here to enjoy it? The drawer may be locked forever or may open quite easily. It is our choice.

The right key is to be found in the premises of our soul. We already got it, we don’t need to push, pull and grab until we open it. It’s here, the key is here.