Oh Feathers, Reveal Me Thy Truth!

Once upon a time, there was a king called Grandie. He lived in a place called Out of Proportional, in an enormous castle. He was the sole ruler of the land. Everyone looked up to him and catered to his every whim. Ah, what a life for Grandie to have his feet rubbed with the snap of his fingers or to have servants bring him the finest cuisine of the world. Many considered him to be the Blessed One because he had everything a man could wish for. Grandie had no troubles, sorrows or hardships as his will was the only one to be obeyed. Whenever he looked himself in the mirror he would utter: ‘‘Oh what a looker you are Grandie, such a grandiose figure you are and you always get your way.’

He was such a witty and compelling character for some. However, even the grandest of figures had secret fears and his biggest fear was to lose his looks and become ridiculed by the masses. Consequently, as fate would have it, he summoned a foreteller to come see him and reveal to him the secret of eternal youthfulness. The foreteller enters the castle dressed in the most diverse feather-like clothing wearing a magician’s hat. Grandie, chuckled a bit when he saw this ”flying” spectacle. He immediately starts dancing around Grandie and shakes his feathers up and about the king. As he spins his colorful feathers he starts reciting to the king:

You live in an outsized version of yourself in the most Out of Proportional place with absolute no love or grace.  

You call yourself Grandie and yet  you look so dandy. The world may be at your feet but you will never discover Life’s unlimited beat. 

You want my advice? Well, it’s time for some downsizing to make you a true king, one of whom will become a (NO)thing.