I tried to write something in response to imagination. However, my imagination wouldn’t give me any creative insight at the moment. Perhaps, it’s due to the notion that my writing doesn’t work in that way. I usually write the soulful content first and then comes the title or theme. If I attached to a certain theme only I wouldn’t give the best of my creative prowess. It’s snowing outside. I feel a little distracted. Imagination is like the snowflakes dance. Pure, subtle, gracious and always different. For one to really be at best in his own imagination it requires a lot of faith. Remember as kids we could imagine everything being possible so easily. But as adults it takes faith to do that. Faith is the foundation of imagination. When you gain so much confidence in yourself it’s much simpler to imagine what you want or desire. It will always be in balance with what love or the Universe has imagined for you. It’s a really good one believe me.


Author: PoeticFlower

I am a creative writer, who's wired to extract the magnificent buds of the inspiration spring over and over again. It is my creative duty to inspire and bless through writing.

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