Floating Wish-Fish

Two fish were floating around in a bowl. There were just swimming without a care or worry in the world. They were two different fish and yet felt as one. However, one of them had special powers. She was the special wish-fish. The wish-fish ironically could not fulfill wishes but she could only provide practical solutions to practical questions. Naturally, one day their owner took an interest in the special wish-fish and decided to try his luck. Well, guess who got lucky that moment. The question that the owner asked was: Will everything turn out okay in my life? The surprising answer came in a surprising way. The wish-fish would rearrange the little pebbles in an orderly fashion that made them look like she spelled:

Trust and it shall be granted to you! 


About edificeofpeace

I am a creative writer, who's wired to extract the magnificent buds of the inspiration spring over and over again. It is my creative duty to inspire and bless through writing.
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