Play The Real Game Of Life

As I am sitting here with my family I can notice ever so subtly how my family is preoccupied with the little games of life. They talk about people, events and who said what. It almost felt surreal when I realized that all of what I’ve seen is part of a big play. Our senses tell us what’s real. Being here with my family I no longer played the role that I’ve played for years. For a split second, it felt like I am the director and my family are actors. The director can say cut in a movie but in real life things are different. I cannot say cut to my family but I can realize when it’s time to be yourself. There’s nothing wrong with playing a role. It’s fun sometimes to just keep on playing. However, it’s more important to incorporate that play into real life.

”When you start playing the ”real game” of life the roles get even more interesting” – K.P.


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