It Takes Only a Moment To Rediscover Love

Edna was a woman in her 60s who lived in the countryside. She lived alone, as her husband died many years ago, and her family moved to town. As she was sitting in her little kitchen drinking her hibiscus tea, there came those yearnings and sighs that usually come in a time of feeling completely lonely.

‘’Oh life becomes so dull when you get older’’ she thought. ‘’What am I to do in this God forsaken place all by myself?’’ Mind you, she loved gardening and taking walks in nature, but when her husband died and her family left, she just stopped and sort of felt into a spiral of despair.

Edna started recalling all those sweet times she spent with her family, as they had so much fun together and all felt great joie de vivre. ‘’If I could feel that love and joy again, I would give anything’’ she sighed.

When people are left with nothing to look forward to, their only consolation is to look backwards. All of a sudden, Bono ( whom I forgot to mention) ran rather happily into the kitchen and jumped onto Edna’s lap. Bono was their family pet, a husky. It gave her a bit of a fright, because she was not expecting him you know, as she wasn’t fully present in the moment. Her hands caressing that soft fur tended to soothe her. ‘’Bono, we’re all alone, who’s gonna love us now ha buddy?’’ she whispered to the dog. At that moment, Bono put his paw rather spontaneously onto Edna’s heart and looked her straight in the eyes. This visual encounter lasted for about 2 minutes, which left Edna to realizing something. The one who demanded love from someone else, the one who yearned for love is right here.

‘’Oh God, thanks for pointing me to the right direction’’ she concluded. It took only a paw to show her where her love has always resided. In her heart. Since I’m still alive she realized I’m still the source of my own loving attention.Edna burst into tears, hugged Bono tightly and said I LOVE YOU!


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