Here’s the Key How to Find the Right ONE

What if we found the right keyhole and the right key? Things are quite simple. If we want to open a drawer that is locked, we must first find the right key. Instead of finding the right key we try a bunch of different keys that just won’t fit. We pull the drawer rather annoyed, thinking that it’ll open by itself. We can even break the drawer just to open it immediately.

Mind over matter or is it vice versa? Is it possible that the drawer has locked itself on purpose or have we locked it? Whatever the answer, there is only one solution. We have to find the right key. How do we do that? By observing, by looking attentively and by being still. Patience leads to the right one and we must be willing to look for it attentively. It may be so close yet if we’re unaware we cannot see it.

What’s the point of looking if we are not here to enjoy it? The drawer may be locked forever or may open quite easily. It is our choice.

The right key is to be found within the premises of our soul. We already got it, we don’t need to push, pull and grab until we open it. It’s here, the key is here.


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