Answer Your Questions By Becoming the Answer

The kid in me got interested in a TV show that featured a cartoonish Albert Einstein and his theories. Apparently, he said that we should never stop questioning. Well, that got me thinking if we would never stop questioning then how can we live our life to the fullest and be the best versions of ourselves? The answer came as clearly as the light of a morning day. Kids are the only ones who question non-stop. That’s part of their growth. We all carry a streak of curiosity with us but the thing is when you stop questioning that means that you’ve matured and you’ve become a grown-up.

Thus, the kid in me got interested. Questions are useful up to a certain point. Later on, they can become burdens. Why? For the simple reason of learning to trust. Questioning every single thing in your life leads to a lack of trust. You second guess yourself and you start living for the question instead of living for the answer. Reality is quite simple yet we even as adults tend to overcomplicate everything. It’s so hard to surrender to trust when you’re used to living your life through suspense and delay.

Kids don’t have trouble expressing their emotions by questioning everything but adults have the trouble to answer them and live by them. In my book questioning everything makes the way for answering everything and trusting.

As adults, it is our duty to nurture our inner child and tend to its needs and yet it is even more important to become the parent-like child who becomes the answer.

”Sometimes we need to question everything until we stop questioning” – K.P.



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