The Story of The Ego as The Neverending Change

What if we can put the ego in a story? What story would that be? Would it be the narcissist who would never shut up or the inferior one who would never have the guts to do something different? Would this be a story of a hero or a victim? Would we know how to begin and what to choose? Well, it’s always good to start right from the beginning, as to how the ego got created.

Eons ago many had the idea of being on a very diverse and challenging planet that would constantly evolve. The ego thought it would have little fun times on this particular planet. For the purpose of the story, we’ll call this Planet Neverending Change. As the ego enjoyed its stay on the planet over time it got a little bored and wanted something different. No matter how much the ego changed the curriculum of its activities that restlessness never went away. So, it began to wonder and ponder. All the existential dilemma appeared and the ego felt stuck and confused. Of course, feeling stuck and confused is the first starting point of feeling freer than ever before. When the confusion reached its peak the ego didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. The only choice on this planet was to surrender to change which was never-ending. Ego hated change. It represented going into an unknown territory and that terrified the ego. Actually, the fact was that you only go back to your celestial roots and that’s that. But the ego didn’t know that. It constantly searched for ways to get out of the surrendering by pushing things away. Alas, it was all useless. Drama was its life and this spiritual-all- of -a -sudden stuff distressed it. After going through several realizations the ego started feeling inspired by change. It even accepted change and was looking forward as to where it would go next. This story about the ego coming back home is actually how it all started. At home. Nothing changed but only the ego realized that it was the Neverending change. It was created as change and its whole existence was about change. Changing for the better is the only way to be.

Once the ego became the change self-confidence and strength were its constant companions.


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