The Angel and The De-stressed Human

In the outskirts of a faraway town there lived the most fearful and distressed human. She would often not go out simply because she was so scared of everything. A little sneeze would scare her. Any talk about crimes, diseases or anything in between would contribute to her seclusion. The outside world scared the Dickens out of her and she believed that protecting herself from it all was the right way to be. However, the way she felt things even in her own protected bubble made her rethink her seclusion. She was a sensitive being and could not stop the feelings that came to her more often than she desired. Not even doing meditation as a daily ritual would dispense her feelings for long. She would often receive vision-like thoughts that reassured her that her sensitivity cannot cause her demise. She was told that her sensitivity is only here to help her feel more confident in the world she feared so much.

One day she just had it with being a recluse on her own and decided to go out. She decided to go outside of her mind and inside the world. She was petrified of course because she didn’t know what might happen to her. It was a very hot summer and the high temperatures only added to her fears. But she did it anyway. The blazing hot sun was at its peak and yet she kept on going. Halfway through it she just stopped. All her fears came back and she wanted to go back home where she thought she was the safest. Well, she couldn’t even go back because she made it halfway through and didn’t have the courage neither to go forward nor to come back. She was terribly distressed and there was no one in sight to help her. When she least expected a soft and gentle voice told her: Now you met your fears halfway through and if you decide to go forward they will vanish but if you decide to go back they will go to retreat mode and resurface again at the most inopportune time. For some peculiar reason that seemed to calm her down a little bit. She was now facing a really important crossroads in her mind. The gentle voice that spoke to her prior to her making a decision gave her a gentle ‘’push’’ of reassurance so she would be able to make the right decision. She felt embraced by a loving beautiful energy and that gave her the courage that she needed to move forward. She made the choice that she was postponing for a long time. The courage she received helped the fearful distressed human become the most de-stressed bold angel. From then on she enjoyed her stay in the world and was eager to experiment and try new things. She even started doing things she would never do before.

As she discovered her new angelic disposition she moved in town and started enjoying being around people. Her sensitivity was polished and she would not feel the burden of the world as before. She would feel as if she belonged there and was confident enough to lighten the burdens of many.

This is a story of a girl who was once petrified of everything but found the courage in herself to move forward into new and wonderful adventures.


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